One Year Of Sadiya Umar-Farouk’s Efforts To Sustain National- Social Investment Program(N-SIP), Of President Buhari’s.

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By Abubakar Yusuf

Although, the Nation’s Social Investment Program(SIP),was convened about four years away in 2016,but operated under the Presidency, before the creation the new Ministry of Humanitatian Affairs, Disaster Management and Social Developement,headed by the pioneer Minister,Hajiya Sadiya Umar-Farouk as one of the agency,under his enlarged portfolios.

The movement according to Federal government,was to consolidate under one umbrella Ministry,all social ,disaster, emergency and other programs of goverment desiring attention for seamless and dedicated reinforcement, that will drive the policy thrust of the present adminstration.

In Nigeria context,such movement,changes and reallignment is usually characterise with so many deliberate and non deliberate efforts to frustrate the ease that may be involved,but her volition took congnisance of such untoward efforts that nipped it in the bud.

For Umar Farouk-Sadiya,it was business as usual to drive to fruition efforts of the Federal government to mitigate as well as bridge the policy that will extricate unemployment rates,create other activities that will lead to self sustenace,and encourage both small scale and petty trading.

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The four cardinal programs of the Federal government that include the N-Power,Conditional Cash Transfers(CCT),National Home- Grown School Feeding,Government Enterprise and Empowerment Program,being the largest social Investment Program in the history of Nigerian goverrment.

The programs running hitch free,was not compromised by the new handlers of the Humanitatian Affairs, Disaster Management Ministry,because of the importance the Federal government attached to it,and the enability of the current leadership piloted by the Minister, Hajiya Sadiya Umar-Farouk.

The Minister ensured all handing over and taking over from the Presidency to her new Ministry was done transparently to address any unforeseen circumstances, and seamless running of the programs without reservation.

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Since the handing over and taking over the highly volatile and Federal government pet project, it is in the public domain that constant and unimpeded remuneration of beneficiaries is top most on the priority of the new Minister and her Ministry,even though,with operational hitches beyond human expectations.

Aside maintaining regular payments to beneficiaries of Batch A and B, Sadiya’s efforts remain unrelenting to creating more engagement outlets, to millions of Nigerians by rolling out another batch of the program approved by the federal government due to commence this June.

This singular efforts is to leverage on the existing template of the Federal government,to bring about more engagement of beneficiaries in social investement programs,which had helped greatly in reducing to the barest minimum, the incidence of of redundancy at levels,from graduates to intermediates, secondary school certificate holders,artisans, petty traders,market women and primary school students through the home grown school feeding program.

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With her robust criterion of engagements, transparency and management of the SIP,and it’s envisage engagement of more hands,no doubt,in the next three years,it is expected that alot would have being achieved to reduce to the barest minimum,the growing incidence of unemployable hands in our society.

Having doused the early tension and detest,that characterise the movement of the SIP from Presidency to the Ministry,through constant and uninterrupted regular payments of all the batches without discrimination,it is already in the public domain that efforts to redress the growing phenomenon will be addressed.

Abubakar Yusuf Is A Media Consultant.

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