HE Aminu Abubakar; Naturally Endowed Leader,But Weigh By Circumstances

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When I learnt of the Birthday of His Excellency,Alhaji ( Arch)Aminu Abubakar,a former PDP Governorship aspirant in Kogi during the last November 16 election,it dawned on me that some naturally ordained leaders may not realise their potentials at their own appointed time.


This is not because he is not rich,not popular,not exposed,and not electable into the highly revered office,but basically some fortituous circumstances and variables will come to play at the point of their ambition.


I have come to terms with my spirit and body,during the build up to Kogi primary election, to pick the Governorship candidate of PDP, that Architect Aminu Abubakar will be the best thing that would have happened to the state,as far as Kogi political history is concerned,Aminu Abubakar remains Kogi governor that was never be.

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The well grounded airspace designer and expert in space architecture,was shrouded in a well articulated electionering campaigns, towards realising his ambition to serve the good people of Kogi state,by returning the already grounded state back to it’s feet.


During his awareness and sensitisation to elect him as candidate of PDP, Aminu Abubakar ‘s robust and high level conduct of both his programs was incontrovertible,drawing from his exposure as a highly organised private entity,who had engaged in high profile Jobs and engagements.


Aminu Abubakar mode of operation and interactions was so modest that you hardly gain consciousness when you have opportunity to interface,interact or relate with him both personally and officially owing to his mien.



His campaign team and by extension his private driven organisation template, was brought to bear in his wider interaction with the good people of Kogi state span from the Central ,West and Kogi East where he hail.


Highly articulate,accessible,assessible,amiable,approachable,influential and with a manageable affluence,the spirit of sportmanship came to fore during the last Governorship primaries,when the turn of events was not favouring his camp,yet unpertubed and interactive with all and sundry.


Arch Aminu Abubakar who was one of the victims of the attack on the venue of the last PDP primaries,was filled with sympathy from both his fans and other PDP followers.


As a first timer into the political sojourn of Kogi state,the wave of his approach and impact displayed,shows alot of potentials in him to lead our dear Kogi state to a point of salvage, at any elective position,if not now,but in the nearest future,as his wealth of experience is desiring of a famished state like Kogi .

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As you mark additional year to your year,heralding your Birthday,it is our wish and the wish of the good people of Kogi state and by extension Nigeria,to join you in this celebration of the commermoration of another year on the surface of the earth.


From the depth of my heart,I wish you a Happy Birthday Your Excellency,while wishing you many more returns in the Services of Humanity and Your Father land.

Congratulations Sir

Abubakar Yusuf Wrote From Abuja.

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