Democracy Day ; Deployment Of Quick Response Strategy By Humanitatian Affairs,Disaster Management and Social Development Minister,Hajiya Sadiya Farouk

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A New Approach To Victims And Emergency Disaster In Nigeria In Brono, Other Parts Of Nigeria.

Abubakar Yusuf

The unexpected happen to residence of the internally displaced camp/person’s of Muna Albadawi camp, with no hope for quick relief, either from goverrment and public spirited,corporate organisations,as it was a fire incidence that ravaged over 1,913 thatched rooms,rendering the residences homeless and hopeless.


But reprieve came from a leader that does not believe in ‘Business as usual’as it was no any other person but the Minister in charge of Humanitatian Affairs, Disaster Management and Social Development,Hajiya Sadiya Farouk,to wipe out the seemingly double jeopardy of the Internally displaced persons(IDP) in Borno State.


Hajia Sadiya Farouk popularly nicknamed ‘Mama Disaster’ not for anything, but for her legendary promptness and timely response to emergencies span from her days at Refugee agency, as the top notcher of the Organisation.


Within 72 hours,the Minister in synergy with Borno state government swung into action, through timely intervention to curtail the spread of the natural disaster, along with providing temporary relieve to the victims,devoid of the usual promises by the previous leaders.


The Minister’s promptness and action triggered the Federal government into ratifying the construction of 10,000 housing units in the communities affected by the dreaded Boko Haram insurgents,for Internally displaced persons(IDP), to return home,hence bringing us to the proverbial yoruba adage, ‘That a burnt traditional rulers residence, brings more fame and recognition’ but this time to the people of Borno communities,occassioned by the singular decision of the supervising Minister,Sadiya Farouk.

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Hajiya Sadiya Farouk not only came to the aid of the victims,but conveys the concern of the goverrment over frequent recurence of the fire incidence in the camp,hence the request for a permanent solution through the construction of 10,000 Housing units.


As a supervising Minster in charge of frequent unexpected events,she berthed Borno state, with over 95 trailers of assorted grains,beans and condiments, and other items that included Zinc,Wood,Mattresses,Blankets,Buckets,Mosquitoe nets,Mats shared across the victims with about 9,000 beneficiaries.


The Minister who was visibly weighed down by the incidence of the fire incidence during the inspection and visit,was encouraged by the gratitude shown by the victims after the immediate attention from the federal government piloted by her Ministry.

Mrs Sadiya promised during her visit to IDP’s and Borno state governor, of the readiness of the reposition National Emergency Management Agency(NEMA) under her supervision for optimum perfomance and be alive to it’s responsibilities.

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In her speech,the supervising Minister for Disaster Management said the actions and decisions of the new Ministry, was a departure from the previous order anchored on bureaucracy and bottlenecks,but a strong desire of government to adopt a home grown models of rehabilitation, recovery and reconstruction in all it’s policies and programs.

Matching words with actions ,Sadiya Farouk comemnced the distribution of the relief and palliatives succour provided by the government through her ministry to the vulnerable in Borno,with a mandate that the purpose intended must be strictly achieved, by those saddled with the National assignment, inview of the new health emergency of COVID-19.


This assignment by the workaholic Minister was not only meant for Borno state,but the entire 36 states of Nigeria including the federal capital territory, with a transparent process and targeted at the vulnerable,less priviledge and low income earners in the Society.


Under her supervision while on the tour of Borno state, Hajiya Sadiya Farouk inspected the arrival of some of the goods in some trailers in numbers,while others are at transit and was delivered judiciously.

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This bring to fore her determination to work strictly inline with the provisions of fhe scheme,primarily designed to give the citizenry a sense of responsibility and belonging as members of the larger society.


Indeed, the Honourable Minister in his usual characterstics, has again portrayed her zeal and commitment as the head of a Ministry saddled with the responsibility of ensuring the vulnerable in the society are given succour as citizens of this country.


The success stroy of emergency program and special relief to the people of Nigeria is disimilar, since the ascension of the Honourable Minister into the Ministry,few months away.


Undaunted by the crises and emergencies in and around the country, interms of regions and it’s peculiarities,Sadiya Farouk has effectively deploy the machinery of government at her disposal, to ensure the needful is done and strictly adhered.


No wonder ,it had being a sign of fulfilement and mission accomplished in all the National assignment held in Borno and other parts of the country.

Her actions and disposition had brought back public confidence in governance process and it’s officials.

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